Say “Yes” to Style

5 Nov

Yesstyle Logo

Yes, I know that some fashion site news is long overdue.

And yes, I know that you have probably already heard of this site, or maybe have even started shopping there, but because I am a firm believer in “better late than never”, I’m about to tell you anyway.

Launched in July of 2006, is a pioneer company that merges the concepts of “Asian fashion” and “Fun and Affordable Online Shopping” so that girls like ourselves can visit their page and swoon at all the cute clothes.

Tokyo Fashion - Sweet Sentiments

Here’s a snippet from their “About Us” page…..

YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of lifestyle and fashion products from Asia through their website Every season, YesStyle brings customers the latest trends along with thousands of fashion items from designers across Asia. now represents the best platform for designers in Asia to connect with customers worldwide.

What do they mean by global distribution?

Well for starters, their “Customer Support” page easily boasts of more than 200 countries they allow shipping  to worldwide.

And their Mission?

“To provide customers with an exciting shopping experience, superior service and a fine selection of affordable, high quality lifestyle products.” makes it hassle-free for you to search through an array of shoes, bags of all sizes, jewelry, accessories, beauty products and clothing for both guys and girls. At least until you find the perfect one. Or two. Or five.

Is that all, you ask?

Well, not quite….

Customers looking to do more than just shop can visit YesStyle’s fashion blog The YesStylist, loaded with features and articles from popular fashion bloggers as well as our in-house fashion gurus. Customers can discover the season’s hottest new looks at PeopleStyle, our monthly fashion and lifestyle guide. Our periodic Q&A feature, Ask Nikki, provides a place for YesStyle’s customers to get answers to their personal style questions.

And did I mention that there’s a BIG SALE going on as we speak?

See all the goodies for yourself with a simple click below and a happy smile.

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