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Outfits on Avenue 7: Inspired by Summer

2 Sep

Avenue7 users were challenged to do the following as part of a competition….

Create a look that shows off your favourite summer trend

Here are some of the gorgeous outfits the young fashionistas created which captured the true essence of all that is “summertime”

A Blue Summer Splash - xxxMuffinxxx

Join Me on Polyvore - *@shlee?* (VERY BUSY)

Absolutely Beach-tatsic!!!? - audean:)

Sea & Sun - Esko The Weird

Palm Trees - gini'

What a Bright Summer - *Emily

Burst of summertime! - *_(^Tia^)_*

Keep up the great work ladies!


An Outfit on Avenue7: Inspired by Friendship

10 Nov

Submit an outfit that portrays a relationship in the making…

This was the challenge put forth to the fashion-loving community of the Avenue7  site a little while ago….

While some  featured “romantic love” , Ramona won the challenge with this outfit inspired by “friendship”.

Ramona's outfit for the "Relationships Competition" on Avenue7

By the way, If you’re on avenue7, don’t forget to check Ramona out @


An Outfit on Avenue7: Inspired by NY Fashion Week

10 Nov

Avenue7 users were challenged to create an outfit inspired by the recent NY Fashion Week, which could be featured in the pages  of a popular  magazine (imaginary of course).

In the end rebecca’ emerged as the winner….

rebecca's NY Fashion Week Competition Outfit on Avenue7

If you’re on avenue7, don’t forget to check rebecca’ out @ http://www.avenue7.com/PeoplePage.aspx?PersonGUID=7d9aeb40-48b4-4a47-896d-7f8a25a917a7

8 Nov
Avenue7 logo

Have you checked out http://www.avenue7.com as yet?

If you haven’t, then perhaps now’s the occasion to “get with the times”…

And WHAT exactly is “Avenue7” you may ask?

Here’s a snippet from their “ABOUT US”  section

“Based in buzzing London, our job is to bring you the most amazing fashion based community in the world. Stick with us to be on top of all the coolest trends and styles.

The best part is, you’re in charge too! Create your own outfits and scout your own favourite products from the web and add them to the High Street. Chat to your newly found friends about your shared passion for fashion in our “Club” forums. Full instructions can be found in our Help section.

Avenue7 is still growing fast and we love bringing you the most exciting new features we can imagine. If you’ve got any ideas, we’d love to hear from you, so send us an email, even if it’s just to say ‘Hello!’ to theteam@avenue7.com.”

But don’t take anyone’s word for it….have at look at it for yourself.

Get to signing up, if you like what you see folks!


submitted: Saturday October 31st, 2009